RECESS Fitting

A recess is the inset area of the wall that the window sits within. If you want your blind to mount inside the window recess, this is the option for you. Most people choose this style.

Note: with a ‘recess fit’ we will make slight adjustments to your measurements in order for the blind to fit inside the recess space.

EXACT Fitting

If you want your blind to cover the whole window recess or if your windows are flush with the wall (so no recessed space), this is the option for you.

Note: with an ‘exact fit’ we will not make any adjustments to your measurements.


This is an entirely personal preference but generally you should choose the side that is easiest to reach or will cause the least obstruction.

Still unsure? As a general rule right-handed customers select right and left-handed customers select left.

All our blinds are manufactured to be child safe so a control cord retaining device is sent out with the blinds to be fixed to the wall corresponding to the chosen control side.


The Bunch option is the position the vanes (or slats/louvers) will stack to, when drawn to one side.

This is an entirely personal preference but you may wish to consider things such as if the bunch would obstruct the view or window in anyway or if you have a considerably wide window, you may want a split bunch so as to balance the bunching on each side.

Fixing Options

Our Vertical Blinds can be either face fixed or top fixed, you will need to specify which method you will use so that we can supply the correct brackets.

Top Fixing – through the top of the brackets into the window lintel or ceiling.
Face Fixing – into the window frame or wall.

Top Fixing

Fix brackets to ceiling or under side of recess with holes drilled on a line at least 3″ (75mm) from the wall or window frame. The end brackets should be situated approximately 4″ (100mm) from each end of the track. All remaining brackets should be spaced evenly between these brackets.

Face Fixing

Fix brackets to the wall or window frame at the desired height. The brackets should be situated approximately 4″ (100mm) from each of the track. All remaining brackets should be spaced evenly between these brackets.


From: £35.00

    Reset options

    Min 254mm - Max 3000mm

    Min 254mm - Max 3000mm

Product Information

Vertical Blinds will give the perfect balance of light in your home. You could also control in how much sunshine you would allow in as you have the full adjustable control, you could cut out the glare within matter of seconds by only twisting the hook with the vertical blinds. We do different type of designs and styles which could include a premium blackout material, that would mean that they will be long-lasting. The blinds are well-designed and are created by our team which are handmade.

Vertical blinds are comfortable in big windows and little windows alike and are available to order at all times and are cost effective. We have a colour chart of our top-quality colours that the blinds could come in, you can pick from light filtering and blackout fabrics depending on your needs and you’ll find these vertical blinds to be incredible value for homes large and small.

• Made from durable, dim-out material that offer a degree of privacy and glare control, but without fully blocking out the light.
• Our vertical blinds are made to your specific measurements (drop & width)
• Designed for long life.
• Great choice for all homes and commercial properties.
• Perfect for large windows, doors, conservatories and much more.
• Easily operated.
• Top brackets standard
• Easy installation (Instructions NOT provided)
• This is a full blind- so it will include the rail and the slats

The item will be in 2 parts – one for the slats and one for the rail and brackets. We have our own courier service which can include split delivery one part at a time and another part another time.

Bracket Type – your blind is supplied with top fix brackets as standard. (You can ask for face fix brackets, ideally fit in window frames or outside the window recess.

***All Blinds will come with wand control (child safe)***




Control Position

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