RECESS Fitting

A recess is the inset area of the wall that the window sits within. If you want your blind to mount inside the window recess, this is the option for you. Most people choose this style.

Note: with a ‘recess fit’ we will make slight adjustments to your measurements in order for the blind to fit inside the recess space.

EXACT Fitting

If you want your blind to cover the whole window recess or if your windows are flush with the wall (so no recessed space), this is the option for you.

Note: with an ‘exact fit’ we will not make any adjustments to your measurements.


This is an entirely personal preference but generally you should choose the side that is easiest to reach or will cause the least obstruction.

Still unsure? As a general rule right-handed customers select right and left-handed customers select left.

All our blinds are manufactured to be child safe so a control cord retaining device is sent out with the blinds to be fixed to the wall corresponding to the chosen control side.



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    Min 254mm - Max 3000mm

    Min 254mm - Max 1727mm

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Product Information

Please provide your wall to wall measurements for the width and drop of your blinds with the warehouse doing the relevant deductions for you. We will be unable to send your order out until we have the measurement.

Our roller blind features a natural weave effect perfect for adding style inside your home.

• These roller blinds are handmade in our UK-based factory.
• Quick delivery – dispatched next working day (after item is manufactured).
• Made from high quality material & components – aluminium roller tube with steel (painted white) brackets and high-quality white side winder chain.
• Blinds come with tried and tested side chain control operation.
• 100% polyester with thermal properties.
• Simple installation (Instructions NOT Included)
• Flexible mounting brackets (universal bracket).
• Includes child safety clip & chain connector with every blind.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the colour of the blind can vary between screens and devices depending on your display settings.

Our Roller Blinds are carefully packed fixtures and fittings. Inside your parcel you’ll find:
• Roller blind with operating mechanism.
• Universal fitting brackets.
• Child safety clip.




Control Position


Control Chain Color


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  1. cody

    ( 1 Review )

    The blinds were easy to install and offered excellent light control options. I would highly recommend 1clickblinds to anyone in the UK looking for roller blinds.

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