32mm Roller Blind Fittings Kit (1m Chain & Brackets And Controls

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Product Information

    • 32mm Roller Blind Fittings Kit
    • 1m Metal Chain & Brackets, Controls
    • White
    • Fits all 30mm Internal Diameter Tubes
    • Includes All Necessary Fixtures To Install Your Roller Blind
    • Flexible Mounting Face Mount, Side Mount, or Top Mount
    • Side Winder with 2000mm Non Rust Silver Nickel Chain
    • With Silver Nickel/chrome Chain Connector
    • 2 x Strong Metal Brackets
    • 2 x White Bracket Covers



Reviews (2)

  1. J. Mike

    Best quality 32mm Roller Blind Fittings Kit.

  2. admin

    ( 2 Reviews )

    affordable price of all blinds accessories.

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