How You Should Choose Window Blinds For A New House In Uk?

Roller Blinds: Buyer’s Guide For Freshers

First and foremost, you have to figure out certain things, to have an effective window blinds treatment for your new house in the UK. Only then, you will have a proper understanding of where to go for.

So, what are some practical things you got to figure out before going for a window blinds treatment for your new home?

What kind of capabilities do you want out of your window blinds?

What types of window blinds do you love the most?

What types of window blinds do your interior exactly require?

What is your budget?

Are you going for full house window blinds treatment or it is just for some specific rooms?

We will cover all these subjects in a precise and logical approach, so, hook up till the end.

So, What kind of capabilities do you want out of your window blinds?

This is where it all starts, if you are successful in covering up which kind of capabilities you really prefer in your specific interior type, only then you will be able to proceed after.

Window blinds are very categorized kinds of window covering, so, after figuring out the conditions of your interior, it is very convenient to approach the right window blinds, because there is already a centralized window blind type for your specific approach on the markets offline and online.

At 1clickblinds, we offer a one-stop shop, experience, and the system is online, so, there is more convenience for you than shopping offline.

We have a well-developed, easy-to-use website, well enough to offer you convenience buying online while resting in your bed in your home.

Note: Remember that 1clickblinds, is currently offering only well-manufactured vertical blinds and roller blinds.

So, here are some things that people actually demand out of their widow blinds when choosing them for their new houses.


When people are specifically going for window blinds, they demand functionality, more than any other window coverings. Because window blinds are standardly known for their supreme functionality.

Enhance functionality, making you capable to operate your window blinds more dynamically and easily. Which then allows, true class back in your interior.

More enhanced functionality allows you to have more ease while maintaining light filtering and privacy management. And these capabilities are not just dependent on the functionality of a specific type of window blinds alone, but other factors are more important to look after in order to have a mature level of light-filtering and especially, privacy management.


Every house owner in the UK or anywhere else wants durability out of their window coverings because they wanted to make a long-term investment rather than a short-term investment.

Durability is the key to having longevity out of your window blinds. for this, you have to dive deep, because window blinds are categorized into many types, specifically for each room, rightly oriented to its conditions.

Window blinds are a mature option to have up in your windows but because window blinds are specific to interior conditions hence if a window blind is durable in a place like a bedroom maybe that same window blind is not that good in the bathroom.

This entire thing is courtesy of window blinds materials, which varies from type to type and allow from price to price.


It is crucial that the style of specific window blinds compliments the entire interior and even the exterior. So, as there are many styles of window blinds are there, so, not all are complimenting for your interior and exterior.

In case, there is a window blind that is highly versatile and flexible, in that case, roller blinds and vertical blinds are top picks by many and there are reasons behind this all.

Due to the simplicity and maturity of roller blinds and vertical blinds, they are very mature and importantly they are very versatile and flexible, so by that, they are very complimenting for your interior and exterior, no matter what is the appeal of your interior and exterior.

And at 1clickblinds, you can have roller blinds and vertical blinds and their mature versatility and flexibility, at very affordable and competitive price-tag.


Energy efficiency is something that is highly demanded by most people here in the UK. Because, in the UK, houses mostly have tall windows as standard.

Tall windows are not much more appealing than small ones but if they are not covered mindfully then there are risks, that will lose energy efficiency as a whole capability by your window blinds.

And surely, window blinds can be a great addon for having mature level of energy efficiency. But not all window blinds are that energy efficient for all sizes and types of windows.

Usually, it is been noticed that window blinds with slats functionality are not that sharp in maintaining a good level of energy efficiency.

Because window blinds with slats functionality have a bit of gaps in them. So, light can escape, so, not that energy efficient as window blinds like roller blinds, as there is no slats functionality in them.

Roller blinds are just a single piece of window coverings, losing the standard and trademark design of window blinds like wood blinds and Venetian blinds in them.

So, if you those roller blinds that have high opacity then for sure, roller blinds can be an energy-efficient window blinds solution for your home, even at a tight budget.


Safety is something that has to be considered the most important factor before choosing any kind of window coverings, not just window blinds.

Cheap roller blinds and cheap vertical blinds by 1clickblinds are offering all the possible safety precautions, that have to be taken for the safety of you and especially, your little ones.

1clickblinds offers you an easy-to-use and one-shop-stop experience around UK’s loved roller blinds and vertical blinds along with top-notch safety precautions, without messing you up with your budget.


All kinds of window blinds can be good for new house interior décor. But there are some terms and conditions, that mention above.

But some people in the UK have a point that a window blind has to be affordable yet very impressive, and most of them assume that this is not possible.

But when 1clickblinds serving in the UK, then this affordability point can be cleared, very clearly. 1clickblinds, offers you hand of range of cheap roller blinds and cheap vertical blinds, without compromising their quality and class of them.

You can have these roller blinds and vertical blinds in no time, from 1clickblinds, at your doorstep with ease and affordability.