1 Click Blinds Fitting Services

The addition of a blind fitting service by 1Click Blinds is something we are thrilled to announce. Our team of expert installers can make sure that your blinds are not only perfectly crafted but also perfectly installed.

If you live in the following region, we can provide you with the fitting service.

How it works...

On the day of your appointment...

On the day of your appointment the installer will contact you via text message 30 minutes before they are due to arrive at your property.

Please ensure the following on the day of your appointment:

  • Any old blinds and fixtures have been removed before hand as our installers are unable to remove these for you.
  • The area around the window, including sills are accessible and any property removed to enable the fitter to work freely without any obstructions.
  • Please ensure any pets are safely away from the rooms of fitting to ensure their safety from our equipment.


If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, you can do so up to 24 working hours before your appointment time and it will be rescheduled at no cost. Any appointments missed without notice can be rescheduled, but the fitting fee will be charged again. If we are unable to contact you following a missed appointment, please be aware that we will call you three times before sending your blinds via courier to your address. Fitting fees are non-refundable . If there is a measurement error at the time of fitting, please be aware that we cannot accept responsibility unless the error is our fault. The blinds will be returned to you, and the fitting fee is non-refundable.

PLEASE NOTE: The fitting charge is £35.00 for a maximum of 5 windows based at the same location. Any additional fittings required at the same location are £10 per additional window. Any blinds that require fitting not at the same address require an additional £35 charge.